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About us


Short history


S.C. MJF PROD SERV S.R.L. CRAIOVA is founded in 2000 by a initiative of the three founders: Marian Logofatu, Jean Nedelcu and Florin Parvu .

     The outstanding technical endowment, the quality of the offered services and the performances of the manufactured equipment due our company one of the most appreciated companies by the Customers.

     Situated on the road Bucharest-Timisoara E80, having possibilities of air transport - Craiova Airport, river transport - Bechet Port and railway transport, S.C. MJF PROD SERV S.R.L. Craiova is the ideal partner to manufacture complex products.

     The high qualification of the workers, a team of specialists holding, based on more than 25 years of experiences in domain, contribute to the achievement of performance products.
     Our flexibility, dynamism, dedication of all activity to servicing our Customer and providing a quality product are the keys to our success.  Our specialists are located near-by for your convenience, our corporate engineering staff is on call for your assistance, and the technical resources and service capabilities are only a phone call away.  That's the language we speak.  That is the language we think you want to hear.
     Feel free to contact us any time, tell us how we are doing and We would be happy to hear from you.







Company profile

    We would like to introduce our company and our products and we are sure that you will profit of our high quality and good prices.
    Since its establishment in 2000 our company developed into one of the most important manufacturer of machine-tools for the machining of large components and equipment.
    25 years of experience in the manufacture of machine-tools and equipment of our specialists has enabled to S.C. MJF PROD SERV S. R.L. Craiova to apply the resultant accumulated knowledge to providing solutions to out-of-the ordinary problems.
    S.C. MJF PROD SERV S. R.L. Craiova has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and refurbishment of heavy-duty machine-tools and equipment covering a wide variety of industries, where the need of quality is essential.
    Our products have application across a wide spectrum of engineering activities including metal and processing industries, wood working industry, pulp and paper industry and power generation.
With our wide and good experience in the field of machine-tools, and equipment and steel structures, S.C. MJF PROD SERV S. R.L. Craiova  may offer optimum solutions to any problem: process technology exactly suited to your requirements, complete machinery and equipment to assure highest production rate and quality.
    Continuous collaboration between user and manufacturer ensures a confidential relationship, which is most valuable for an optimum solution of production problem.




  • These are machine-tools of top quality, outstanding performance and perfect dependability for the machine processes: turning, grinding, hobbing, planing, gear cutting, drilling, boring as well as sheet metal working.
  • The halls are provided with cranes.
  • The  S.C. MJF PROD SERV S. R.L. Craiova  gained reputation thanks to the knw-how process, wide engineering experience, competent and total dedicated teams of specialists.   Our teams have been asked to in our foreign customer'factory for assembly and commissioning of the machinery we build.



Range of products

    Our extensive delivery program comprises:

  • special and custom build-machine to meet special requests for machine building industry and metallurgical industry: milling machine, lathes, gear hobbing machines, etc.
  • cold pipe rolling and finishing mills, cylinders for metal sheet rolling
  • single and multiple daylight presses for wood working industry
  • cylinders and equipment for pulp and paper factories and baling presses
  • equipment and gear reducers for mining industry
  • equipment for power generation
  • components for electric nuclear power station
  • steel structures of large dimensions and any shape
  • spare parts and sub-assemblies for machine-tools




    On the request of customers,  S.C. MJF PROD SERV S. R.L. Craiova  offers services that cover all aspects of:

  • engineering technology
  • conceptual design and styling, detailed design
  • machining: turning, milling, boring, drilling, grinding, gear cutting
  • mounting, putting into service, maintenance and guaranty and post guaranty service
  • modernization, including digital control (NCC) endowment, long-term after sales services or for second hand machines tools



Quality assurance                                                  

    To reach a high quality level, the row materials and the components purchased from other suppliers shall be in compliance with the similar standards.  The quality level must comply, without any deficiencies with client's specific expectation.
    According to this, the suppliers are called to join the quality control procedures stipulated in ISO standards.
   Thus, the Quality Management system will be during this year certified, being evaluated and approved according to the provisions of the standard ISO 9001 and the Customers are welcome to inspect the Company activity.








    Our domestic market includes a large industrial field.   On external market, our business is in continuous growth. In order to sell our products we follow the principle of parting between output and sales and we treat our Customers as "real business partners".
    Our Marketing Department deals with market research and sales, the strong Design Team we have deals with the selection of optimal solutions and the Service Department deals with the commissioning and maintenance of our products and with Customer's personnel training.
    The Total Quality Management assurance besides the development of sale markets is the main target of our management activity, so that we become your business partner.
    We are sure we can solve all problems you have.